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Climbing, Scrambling, and Mountaineering 

Learning to climb outside can be one of the best things to do to take your climbing to the next stage.  Here at Beyond the Ascent, we offer a learn to lead course. This covers the key skills needed to go climbing outside, from how to place runners to building belays.  These courses will be tailored to the clients. Maximum booking of 2 persons per guide.  


Scrambling is one of the best ways to move in the mountains taking some interesting routes between peaks.  Beyond the Ascent offers guided scrambling days.  If you have a route you always fancied like Pinnacle ridge here in the lakes or one of the classic scrambles of Wales like Cneifon Arete or Nor' Nor' Groove it's up to you.

We also offer a scrambling course.  This course will give you all the skills needed to become an independent scrambler in time.  Some areas of the course are route finding, understanding guide book descriptions, anchor choices and many more skills.  

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