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We have teamed up with a company to run trips in one of the best places to bike in Europe. 

Finale Ligure and the surrounding area!

The are 3 main types of riding to be done here - 

1. Uplift assisted riding, where we transport you to the top of the descents and you get to ride down to get another uplift.  There will be a small amount of climbing to be done normally no more than 100 meters.

2. Pedal power riding, we may get one lift at the start of the day and then use our legs for the rest of the day.

3. E biking riding,  these can be a mixer of 1&2.

The trips we can offer you are from April till November. These are in our opinion the best times to be biking in the area.  

We can arrange everything for you from your accommodation to airport transfer to bike hire.

Day rate is 80 euros per person with a minimum number of 5.

We can book your accommodation with one of the hotels we have teamed up with.  There are options from basic shared rooms to 5 star hotels and everything between. 

Please email

or Whatsapp 07799010759  

For more information.

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